Linda Ingraham

Mixed Media Photography

Antique Roses Aspen Leaf Baroque Sunflowers Bird Branch
Botanica Chalice Datura #1 Datura #1 on Red
Datura #2 Datura #2 on Red Datura #4 & #5 Dried Datura #3
Dried Datura Triptych Duet Fallen Leaf Gourd Study #1
Gourd with Shadow Ice Plant Leaf Triptych In the Garden Leaf Patterns
Roses of Wood Skeleton Leaf Sunflower Sunflower Brocade
Three Pears Trumpeter Two Dried Daturas Wilting Roses
Winged All in a Row Bending Buds: Zen Botanical Series Calla Lillies 1
Calla Lily CallaLilies 2 Dancing Sprig: Zen Botanical Series Desert Flora Set
Desert Grass: Desert Flora Series Desert Sprig:Desert Flora Series Dried Sunflowers Eucalyptus Branch: Zen Botanical Series
Graceful Bud Stem: Zen Botanical Series Ice Plant Leaves Diptych Leaf Branch in Bottle Leaf Branch Study #1
Leaf Branch Study #2 Leaf Patterns Long Bird Branch Oblong Gourd
Oblong Gourd Diptych Pampas Grass: Desert Flora Series Pod Branches: Zen Botanical Series Tiger Lily Bud
Tipped Gourd with Shadow Two Leaf Branch White Roses Zen Botanical Set